Our Partners section is intended to present other companies and their associated web sites in which we are affiliates or recommend.   We have included a brief description about each company and their product or service offerings.  With the exception of F-Secure and RADMIN, all other products can be purchased directly from this page.

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Category:  Security Solutions (lncluding Antivirus, Firewall, Intrusion Protection)
Recently voted Best Anti Virus solution
Corporation founded in 1988, is the leading provider of centrally managed security solutions for the mobile enterprise. The company's award-winning products include anti-virus, and network security solutions for all major platforms from desktops to servers and from laptops to handhelds. Customers in nearly every industry - Government, Manufacturing, Retail, Telecommunications, Finance, Energy, Transportation, High Tech and more - rely on F-Secure products to make information secure, reliable and accessible. Mobility challenges many of the fundamental assumptions upon which traditional IT systems have been based on. F-Secure supports businesses with a broad range of centrally managed and up to date security solutions to enable a truly mobile enterprise.
The PCPG staff has been trained on all F-Secure products. Contact us about the the best F-Secure solution for you.

If you are a current user of F-Secure you may wish to click here for further insight as to how to understand the Firewall / Application Control popup window.

Category:  Newsgroups
Newsgroup Software:  NewsBin Pro/Astraweb News Server

NewsBin Pro downloads files from Usenet Newsgroups as fast as your internet connection will allow. It automatically combines complicated multi-part binary posts to create one file and includes many options for organizing your downloaded files.

Click Here to order your personal copy of NewsBin
or for a free 10 day trial copy Click Here

Need a good newsgroup server?  Choose Astraweb.  Most newsgroup servers such as your ISP's news server allow for about 100 days of retention with many incomplete files.  Astraweb is much faster on downloads and offers currently a 707 day retention of files.  Astraweb works well with NewsBin Pro software above.

We recommend the Lifetime $11 a month, unlimited downloads plan for new users.  This plan allows unlimited downloads (megabytes/gigabytes) per day.  Click the graphic above to sign up now.

Category:  Remote Administration
GoToMyPC by RADMIN is our choice for easy to use remote desktop access.  There is a one time fee versus annual renewal via the web.

Start here with your RADMIN Software. Click RADMIN: Fast, Secure, Affordable. Free Trial!

Category:  Accounting/Bookkeeping Software
Quickbooks Pro - organize your business finances easily with Quickbooks Pro.

Quickbooks Pro

Track your sales and expenses all in one place and get reliable records for tax time by choosing Quickbooks Pro from Intuit <click here to order discounted price directly from Intuit

PC Professional Group Testimonial on Quickbooks Pro:

"Life made easy during the year at at tax time. track all your expenses, customize invoices, keep track of Cost of Goods sold and best of all, the added Payroll Module allows you to complet all State and Federal tax forms instantly." 

Category:  Power PDF Standard
Nuance Software/Power PDF Standard by Nuance
Save 30% OFF of Power PDF Standard for $69.99

Category: Video Editing / DVD Creation Get Yours Today!

STUDIO HD Ultimate Collection version 18.5 Get those pictures and videos off your camera and create a custom movie of your own!  Yes, with Pinnacle's Studio HD Ultimate Collection you can combine both photos and video using an EZ to use storyboard.  Add effects, overlays, audio, titles, and filters to make that personalized movie then burn it to DVD. You've got all you need to make professional home made movies from start to finish. Your final DVD can be distributed to clients, family and friends.  Click the image for additional product information or to purchase Studio Ultimate only $129.99. Here's a Buy Pinnacle Studio Ultimate 18
Save $30 at $99.95 Offer Expires 07/15/15

Coupon Code: PINN18ULT30

Looking for additional plug-in effects?  Try these on for size - all by ProDad (downloads only)

productpictureVitascene - click on the image for a free Demo's, User Comments, Read More or to Purchase.  Be sure to
scroll down as additional discounts may exist.

productpictureAdorage Bundle (download only) - contains all 9 volumes of Adorage (if interested in a specific volume please contact us).  Click the image to acquire a Demo, Purchase, Read More or review user comments.


Heroglyph Bundle (w/20% discount) - this product offers the ability to create Titling effects + Trailer + Multivisions + Routedesigns + 3D-Photo-/Video-Slideshows.  Click the image to obtain a Demo, Purchase or Read More.


Mercalli takes the jitter and shaking out of your videos.  Click the image to the left for more details, Demo or to Purchase.

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