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PC Professional Group, Inc. (PCPG),  offers a wide variety of computing services for you and your organization.  PCPG is dedicated to assisting you and your company in maximizing performance and obtaining greater efficiency within your computing environment.  Your net result is a savings of time and money. 

For additional details, be sure and click our Services link.  You may also refer to the examples below which demonstrates how PCPG can help you and your organization achieve the maximum benefit for your technological investment. 

  • Performance tune-ups & Diagnostic testing. 
    Improperly tuned or poorly maintained computers lead to inefficiency, frustration  and potential loss of critical data (computer crashing).  Just like cars, computers need tune-ups too.  Maintaining your computers to their optimum performance will save you time and money.  Running diagnostic tests will provide early warning signs of a potential problem before it happens. 
  • Equip yourself with a high quality AntiVirus Solution.
    On average, 9 out of every 10 sites we visit are not properly equipped with a high quality antivirus program.  Some installations are out of date, not properly configured or just simply do not exist.  Furthermore, several of the more popular antivirus programs have in some cases, caused irreversible hard drive damage.  The result of this damage was a complete loss of data.  PCPG offers a very low cost state of the art antivirus solution (see our Links page).  This will help you minimize virus intrusions and properly equip you with the right tools in the event of a virus attack.  Presently, there are over 82,000 viruses on the internet with new viruses created everyday.  Don't gamble with your company's critical information as data loss can significantly impact your business.
    To read more on the rampant Klez virus go here.  To return to this page, simply click the HOME button on the left of your screen.
  • Is your company prepared in case of a hard drive failure?
    If not, your company is at great risk and could suffer significant delays and loss of revenue.  Why take the chance?  There are many methods to securing your data.  Consult with PCPG to determine the best solution for you.

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