Welcome to PC Professional Group now located on Camano Island in the state of WA.  We are still servicing all of our southern California accounts as we have since 1997 as well as supporting local clients of Camano Island and surrounding areas.  This web site is currently undergoing a new face lift as of October 2018.  Check back frequently for more updates.

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PC Professional Group specializes in personal assistance for your business and home office computing needs.  Some examples of the computing services we offer are:

Backups:  Are perhaps the most critical component of using a computer.  We can setup either local / network (NAS) or cloud based solutions.  Don’t have a backup? Are you confused by which option is best?  This would depend on your scenario.  In most cases, two forms of backup are recommended.  Onsite and Offsite methods. Paragon Software is our choice vendor across the board for being the middle man between your computer and your back device.

Spyware/Adware/Ransomware/Malware: Everywhere a ‘ware’ to be aware of (that is).  And yes, that’s a mouthful and the truth as each of these infection types are unique.  Computer users can have one or all of the latter.
Some say I have a MAC I don’t have to worry.  That’s not entirely correct.  The good news is there are a wide variety of solutions to combat all of these intrusions.

Photo/Sound/Video: Do you have a pile of photos that you’d like to underscore with music for a video presentation? Perhaps you have a few sound files that need editing or cleanup?  We can do this for you or offer training on how to accomplish this task. (Specific software and hardware may have to be acquired).

Router and WiFi setup: By far the best route in all scenarios is hard wiring your computers to the router but in many cases that’s not possible.  Choosing the best router for your budget and needs is optimal.  Prices range from $50 on up into the thousands and routers have become more and more complex since we started in 1997.

Networking: There are various types such as BlueTooth, WiFi, VPN and hard wired.  Currently CAT6 wiring can provided data transfers of up to 10Gigabyte vs. CAT5e (reliable but older technology) caps out at 1Gigabyte.  The cost difference is pennies per foot.

Security: If you ‘surf the net’ and are leaving cookie trails on every site you visit, then consider a Proxy Server, this will mask your identity and eliminate the Hansel and Gretel cookie scenario.
Also, a good “test proven” anti virus application fights a big portion of the battles but its only one form of defense.  There are several others including common sense which if not used, will bypass many security programs, routers and invade your computing environment.  Knowing on how and when to make the right decision with some guidance, can offer proper computing hygiene.


Computer / IT support aiding and servicing medium to small businesses and residential clients.

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    Effective January 1, 2018

    $125 per hour Standard Rate
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